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Maturity Assessment

Allow us to perform a discovery and information gathering assessment within your IT environment. Through this service, cleverrist can provide guidance on gaps in security, disaster recovery, business continuity, remote access, server applications, cloud solutions, email services and many other types of IT services. We also assess server hardware, client hardware, licensing, compliance with industry standards, and many other critical aspects to ensure a healthy back office IT environment to supplement your organizational needs.

Maturity Assessment
Maturity Road Map

Based on our assessment, cleverrist makes recommendations for plugging some of those gaps and addressing your most frustrating Technology related pain points. You can choose to address these recommendations haphazardly or engage with us to plan out a road map of projects, upgrades and initiatives that will see all of your business and technological goals met in a structured framework, complete with budgetary estimates. These plans include findings, recommendations, critical to wish list prioritization of remediation activities and much more.

Maturity Roadmap
Solutions Consulting

If you do not require something as in depth as a maturity assessment and road map but simply require solving a particular problem or addressing specific need, then we can act as your trusted advisor. Through our many years of consulting, exposure to many client environments and vendor solutions, we can usually make the best recommendations for any business requirement. What is most important is that we understand the details of your objectives, then we propose to you the best solution to fit the needs of the the cleverrist way possible!

Solutions Consulting

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