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Outsourced IT Services

Outsourced IT Personnel

Sometimes you just don't have the time or resources to hire, interview and develop internal resources, especially IT. Cleverrist can provide you with the IT personnel you require to keep your business running efficiently. We handle everything administratively. Our resources can be full time - all day everyday, or be part time, both onsite and remote. It's all up to your organizational needs. Regardless of the skill level of your designated resource, they (and you) have the support of all of the experience within cleverrist as your Outsourced Personnel has direct access to all our resources!

Outsourced IT Personnel
Outsourced IT Support

Whether you have your own IT personnel, or you have ours, you can have us on a retainer to provide support to your organization - all tailored to your needs. We can provide technician, server and software support at various skill levels to ensure you are covered, no matter the need. Our areas of expertise ensure that most of your critical back office applications and hardware can be supported by our team of consultants. Our flexible terms, rates and contracts can be molded to provide the necessary coverage your organization requires!

Outsourced IT Support
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Something in your IT environment stops working! Your internal resources can't fix it. You need help and need it quickly. 

It happens to many organizations or various sizes and industries. Reach out to cleverrist, let us get you through those hard times. Our consultants have seen almost everything, and for what we haven't, well there is always our partners and trusted vendors. With our team, we can resolve your IT related issues and also provide some guidance on helping you achieve a more stable environment so that downtime is a thing of the past!

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Comparison of Outsourced IT Support

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